5 Tips To Make More Gold

Once the character is created in WoW and you are running around the first village looking for a quest you might not be concentrating on making gold. But if you examine this remarkable toon you have created, you must realize he or she needs just about everything. Usually you start off with very little in the way of coins, and you will need to start now in building up your character’s gold in order to meet the challenges that lie ahead. The goal truly is to level quickly, and for that you need a strong supply of those yellow coins in the character’s purse or in the bank. Here I will list 5 easy tips that you can start using today. If you already know this methods and you are looking for more advanced ways I’ld recommend you to have a look at gold guides and addons. This are applications that ruin inside game, that’s why called addons. There are a lot of different guides & addons, for increasing your gold production and to increase your leveling. Regarding gold, by far Tycoon is one of the most famous and popular addon used. You can find more information about Tycoon Addon in this other post.

Tip #1 Don’t  Steal

You will find players who join gelds just to raid the bank, or who stand around watching another player fight a string of non-player characters in a quest and then at the last moment run in and take the loot. Don’t be this player. This isn’t a fun way to play the game, and you will get reported eventually. This is a game where a measure of good will from other players comes in handy, so ruining your reputation is a smart way to get gold.

Tip # 2 Don’t Buy Gold

Buying gold is against the rules set by Blizzard. Your account can be deactivated and everything you have managed to achieve is wiped out. This isn’t fun, and it’s not worth it, as you can make more than enough gold through legitimate means.

Tip # 3 Questing and Farming Loot

Questing sounds exciting and farming sound boring, but if you combine them you can level fast, and have as much gold as you need. The trick is to know what materials or mats are in demand, and in developing the skills to craft them into something that’s will maximize the potential for gold. This isn’t as hard as sounds. Pick a profession, and as you move through the quests you perform keep an eye out for mats. This is a much faster method of collection than waiting it and doing nothing, but farming. This also saves you a trip back through the same areas you already covered while questing.

Tip # 4 Crafting and Potion Making

Having a craft that allows for collecting mats and making items is best way to make gold quickly. Check around and find out what other players are looking for and you will always have a steady supply of coins.

Tip # 5 Spending Time at the Auction House

Once you have farmed or crafted items you will need to gain experience in using the Auction House to your best advantage. If you have discovered what other players want or need you are halfway there to making solid gold coin. Make sure there’s not already a glut of similar crafts or mats for sale, and then wait for other players to start bidding. As you build skill points, and your character levels to the point where you are able to go to out of the way areas it’s possible to sell unusual, but sought after items for top dollar.


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